Get More Attention on Your Webpages

by using the Powerful Medium of Video

Video is now an essential part of marketing for many small businesses:

  • Videos get watched far more than articles get read.
  • And making your own videos can be easy...
    once you know how to do it.
  • But where can you start with finding out? 

    If only there were someone nearby, who could show you, having learned it all for themselves.

We help you learn about making simple videos,
so you can do our own video.

Have you ever:

  • Seen a great business video and thought: Wow! I want one of those.
  • Wondered, How do they do that? It looks complicated.” 
  • Wished you could make your own videos, quickly, easily and cheaply?

We did too. Running small businesses from our home put video production budgets out of our reach, but we knew that our businesses depend upon us, and our personalities. We saw competitors making great videos, and we wanted them for ourselves. And looking carefully, we wondered: “Could we do that?”

We decided to have a go, and we learned by trial and error.

We looked at videos, we made videos, we watch online tutorials, and we tried again.

We’ve produced many videos now, and none is perfect. They may not be to a full professional standard.

But many of them are having the effect we do want: to get our ideas across clearly, and to show our personalities.

The world of marketing has changed. 

In the old, familiar world...

Once, in the world of small business marketing, words and images were standard.
Video was for the big boys;
it was created by professionals with tens of thousands of pounds worth of equipment.

Now, things are different...

Now, consumers, customers and clients expect video.
But what they expect is personal and immediate...
Ideas, immediacy, and personality are more important than a slick production.

So here is what we are offering you:

Convenient Venue


A one-day workshop, with a small number of local business-people, in comfortable surroundings in the centre of Alresford, close to local parking and amenities, with a working lunch provided.

Video Camera


You’ll learn the technical basics of doing your own video: camera, sound, lighting and editing. We'll show you the kit and explain how to use it in simple terms, answering your questions as we go.



We’ll teach you about structuring your 60-90 second talking head piece. We’ll coach you through rehearsal, using the four P’s that make powerful performance simple. And we’ll film you.


Will you avoid the three most common mistakes?

  • Not believing that you can do this; that you can do your own videos.
  • Trying to do too much, to make your videos too complex, to be too clever.
  • Giving up because it’s too difficult, and having no videos or spending loads on professionals.

Attend this one-day workshop and
set yourself up to confidently avoid all three

The first step is simple:

Learn the basics in like-minded company,
so you can make your mind up.

When you attend this fabulous one-day workshop, you will get:
  • A chance to rehearse and record a 60-90 second video. 
  • Your edited video and raw footage on a memory stick.
  • Comprehensive notes and a dedicated web page of useful links.
  • An understanding of the process for producing your own video, from idea to finished product.
  • Rehearsal time with coaching and performance feedback from experienced speaker coaches.
  • The knowledge to feel confident to do your own videos, if you choose to.


A gorgeous listed building in the centre of New Alresford, SO24, just 8 miles from Winchester.


Bookings for 20 November now closed. Look out for future dates.


Your tutors will be two experienced trainers and speakers who, like you, are not video professionals. Instead, we run our own businesses and have learned how to make videos for ourselves. Both are also experienced coaches with expertise in the craft of public speaking.

Dr Mike Clayton

Mike Clayton
Mike is an experienced business professional who left international consultants, Deloitte, thirteen years ago to set up his own training business. He spends his time training, speaking, writing and, increasingly, planning and producing his own business videos. Mike has coached many professionals for their speaking appearances.

Felicity Dwyer

Felicity Dwyer
Felicity is an experienced coach and trainer, who runs a local career coaching business. She also trained as an actress and enjoys being a frequent speaker at many local networking events and conferences.  Felicity spends most of her time helping people to find the work they love and, having found it, to do it well. She has recently started making her own videos.

How Much?

This exclusive workshop, with printed materials, and your own edited video on a memory stick, will cost you £349.

Bookings now closed

There is no VAT payable.

Bookings are now closed

We can only offer limited places

It's not just about space:
it's about the personal attention we want to give you.

If you miss out on this,
we won't be doing it again, until 2016.

If you think it sounds like a big investment; it's not. Not when you compare it to the business you could be losing if you do not start to use video.

And if you can't afford to lose that business, think how much it would cost you to hire a professional videographer.

All this for just £349...  
Bookings for 2015 now closed

  • Your own 60 - 90 second video
  • The technical know-how and what to buy
  • The confidence to speak with power
  • Ready to Do Your Own Video

So now is the time to book your place.
Click the button below, to enroll through Eventbrite.


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

What do I need to Bring With me?

Is this for anyone?

I don't have any video equipment?

What if I'm nervous about speaking in public?

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What if I've got other questions?