Helping you find success doing work you love


You may be facing redundancy, feeling unhappy in your current job, or returning to work after a career break

You want enjoyable and worthwhile work. But you're not yet clear about what that work could be.

Discover a proven approach to help you find out what you would really love to do for a living, and how to make a change.

Space to

You have a decision to make. Or you’re facing a significant change in your life.

You would value some time and space to think through what matters to you, and where to go next in your life.

Space to Think offers you space, time and a structure that can help you gain insights, make  decisions, and build confidence to take action.


You’re in the early stages of self-employment or running a small service business.

You love the freedom it brings. But there’s a lot to learn and it feels daunting at times. 

Find clarity and focus with expert coaching and guidance from someone's who walked this path.  

Hello, I'm Felicity Dwyer, and I work with mid-life professionals.

I help you work out what you really want to be doing with your working life, using a structured proven approach.  Interested? Contact me now for an friendly phone conversation, to find out if my approach would be right for you.

Felicity Dwyer Career Coach in Hampshire

"I undertook a coaching programme with Felicity and it has genuinely been one of the best decisions I have ever made. Felicity's coaching style very much enables you to explore things openly and honestly...

On the day after my last session with Felicity, I had an interview for a job I would never even have considered applying for 6 months' earlier, and a few days later I discovered that I had got it! "

Jo Goodman

Career Change Toolkit Report

Career Change Toolkit

Contemplating career change or job search can feel daunting. Download this free toolkit full of resources and tips to help you feel more confident about your next steps.