About me

I’m Felicity Dwyer, a career coach who can help you find success doing work you love

Felicity Dwyer

The relationship between us is based on trust and confidentiality. And in your confidence that the time and money you invest in coaching or mentoring with me will help you to where you want to be.

20 years’ coaching experience

I have been a professional coach, group facilitator and trainer for 20 years, and have inspired and enabled hundreds of people to develop and move forward in their working lives.

“I was very fortunate to have Felicity as a personal coach. We discussed interview techniques and presentation skills pertinent to the role for which I was applying and which took into consideration the fact that one of the interview panel was likely to be partially sighted. I feel that she was instrumental in building my confidence at a time when I was feeling very low; I am very grateful for the unconditional encouragement and support she gave. The icing on cake is that I was offered the job.” Judith Stratton, Isle of Wight

Qualifications and credentials

My qualifications include the Certificate in Personal Centred Counselling (Mentanoia/University of Middlesex), the Advanced Coaching Skills Certificate (City University), the CIPD Certificate in Training Practice and an NVQ Level 4 in Management. My extensive professional development includes study of Psychosynthesis, NLP, Transactional Analysis (TA101), Clean Language and Firework career coaching. More recently I’ve trained as a Time to Think facilitator and completed a five month ICF accredited programme in the Neuroscience of Change.

When I met Felicity in a learning group in 2000, I was immediately struck by her deep insight, empathy for others and excellent communication skills. Maggie Piazza

In 2015 I won the SurreyWISE Most Successful Digital Coach award, for my work in helping women overcome barriers to using social media for career and business development.

A varied career path

I’ve always followed my interests, and invested time and money in learning – it’s my passion.

My early career was as an editorial researcher on a national newspaper, and I studied drama at the evenings and weekends. I then worked as a freelance writer and moved on to study psychology and counselling.

My career path led me into arts administration and eventually into communications management in the voluntary sector. I first came across coaching as a development method back in 2000. I was inspired to train as a professional coach and facilitator, and made the big leap to set up my own business in 2003.

Success to me is about doing meaningful work that I enjoy and believe in, as well as making a decent living. And I love to work with people who want to achieve success on their own terms too.

Work with me

Find out how I can help you to achieve your career objectives.

For more on my training and facilitation services visit www.felicitydwyer.com