Leadership – ILM Level 5 Award

Image of words How do you Inspire people around you?Do you lead and manage people as part of your job? Or do you have a voluntary leadership role as a trustee or member of a management committee?

And if so, what impact does your leadership style have on the success of your team and organisation?

The Level 5 Award in Leadership offers you an opportunity to develop your personal leadership skills and produce more effective results. It will help you to inspire and support the people you work with. It will build your confidence in influencing others in a positive way, and your skill in choosing the most effective style of leadership for a given situation.

The programme comprises an exciting combination of workshops and personal coaching. It offers development that is based around your own needs and the needs of your organisation. It leads to a qualification accredited by the Institute of Leadership & Management (ILM).

Programme Content

The ILM Level 5 Award in Leadership explores leadership roles and theories, self-leadership, emotional intelligence, winning and maintaining commitment, and setting and communicating direction.

It is a really useful course to start you thinking about leadership and management – both the theory and how you practically do it. Helps to convert your own practice from accidental leadership to considered and deliberate leadership.

Katy Elliott Viney, Arundel Museum

Programme Structure

The Award consists of 2 full-day workshops, along with personal study and reflection, plus one to one coaching. The course is delivered by Felicity Dwyer and Maggie Piazza. Together, Felicity and Maggie run Stepping Up, a training centre approved by The ILM to offer nationally recognised qualifications.

Felicity was knowledgeable and inspirational in her delivery of the two day teaching sessions for the ILM level 5 in leadership. Her honest mentoring and interest in ‘exploring the greatness in others’ was a study in leadership. The group was challenged and motivated by the variety of learning methods that Felicity seamlessly employed. The ILM level 5 supports leaders at all levels.

Jan Horrell

Maggie was fantastic at giving relevant and highly personalised support both for the assessment and for my development. I found that having access to this support is essential to the effectiveness of the course. I would recommend the course to anyone wanting to develop their leadership style to create a more dynamic and happy team.

Becky Fletcher, Jerwood Gallery

Is this programme for me?

Compass pointing to the futureThis programme assumes a grounding in the principles of supervisory management.  You may already have a management qualification, or you may have supervisory experience as a member of staff, or a volunteer trustee or committee member.

Once you are working at this level, your development needs will be unique and personal to you.  You will bring your own mix of skills, experience, personal goals, personal challenges to the learning process, and you will be working within an organisation with its own particular culture, values and history.

Both Maggie and Felicity are passionate about facilitating a learning environment where mutual trust and support can develop. We aim to facilitate a quality learning experience for you, as well as the opportunity to gain a qualification.

This may suit you if you have existing responsibilities for leading and motivating people, or if you are ready to move into a role where you will have a greater need to influence and motivate those you supervise. You may wish to underpin your current practice with clearer knowledge of the principles of leadership, as well as achieve a nationally recognised qualification.


Your investment in the programme is £795 inclusive of workshops, materials, individual coaching, tutorial support, ILM registration, assessment and certification.

The next open Level 5 Award in Leadership will be in the autumn.  In-house programmes may be commissioned at any time, and we can tailor our delivery to your needs.

Please contact Felicity on 01962 736 019 or by email to find out more.  Or visit the Stepping Up website.