Facing redundancy?

Redundancy is rarely easy. Even voluntary redundancy can feel uncomfortable unless you have a clear strategy for what you want to do next.

But redundancy can also present the perfect opportunity to step back and think about what you want to do. Maybe to find a very different job in a new industry or environment. Maybe to turn freelance or start your own business …

Or maybe to do something different that you haven’t quite identified yet.  Sometimes it can even feel like an escape hatch has been opened, pushing you towards something new.

My aim in working with you is to turn a potentially negative experience of redundancy into a positive one. To help you make the most of the opportunity, which might not otherwise have arisen, to move into doing something which you really enjoy.

 You will emerge with a clear idea of your options and a solid job search strategy.

Are you facing redundancy? Would you like to identify what you want to do next, explore options and come up with a solid job search strategy? Call me on 01962 736 019 or email felicity@heartofwork.co.uk to arrange an initial, free-of-charge consultation.