Want a change after having a family?

Are you a mum re-evaluating your career after having a family?

Motherhood changes our priorities, our values and our lifestyles. What used to ‘work’ for us, what used to fulfil or excite us, may no longer seem so worthwhile or important. We need to do something different.

But these changes don’t just occur the moment that our babies are born and we want to fit our careers and our lives around caring for them. Our priorities shift at various points in parenthood. Like when children start primary school, for example, or when they move on to secondary school or fly the nest … and all of a sudden you’re free to focus on your own need for intellectual stimulation and professional satisfaction.

Finding meaningful, enjoyable, fulfilling work when you can only work part-time, or when your confidence is low because you’ve been out of the workplace for a few years, can be challenging. Achieving the perfect work-life balance is never easy.

I know! I’ve been there. I am there. Because I’m a mother, as well as a career coach and business owner. 

I’ll help you. I’ll help you regain lost confidence. I’ll help you to step back and think really hard about what you want in life and how you can achieve it. So that you can make work choices that work for you and your family.

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