Thinking of working for yourself?

Are you contemplating becoming freelance or starting your own business?

Do you see self-employment as the best way of taking control of your working life and doing what you love? Lots of people do. And it can be amazingly rewarding.

But moving from employment to self-employment can also be a huge shock. I know. I’ve done it!

Running a business, however small, is not just about doing what you love. It will call on all your skills and constantly demand that you acquire new ones, unrelated to what you love. And it will be an extreme test of your powers of self-belief and self-motivation.

The better prepared you are, the greater your chances of success and happiness in self-employment. And that’s where I can help you with some focused one-to-one career coaching.

I can help you think deeply about whether this is the path for you – and what type of freelance work or business would suit you and your lifestyle. I’ll help you assess whether what you want to do will earn you the income you want. 

I can also support you during the critical first months of self-employment, helping you to keep on track. I’ll help you face the challenges, to focus your energy efficiently – and restrain the doubts, fears and limiting beliefs that hold you and your business back.

In short, I’ll help you to make a positive move into successful, fulfilling self-employment.

Are you contemplating becoming freelance or starting your own business? Would you like to explore your options through one-to-one career coaching? Call me on 01962 736 019 or email to arrange an initial, free-of-charge consultation.